At Savannah River Plastic Surgery, it’s our mission to make you look your best. And that’s why we use solutions like Rejuvapen to make you feel on top of the world. Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy or Micro-Needling, Rejuvapen stimulates your skin’s collagen production, resulting in a more youthful look.

Our Rejuvapen procedure is state-of-the-art from start to finish. It involves a pen-shaped instrument that contains 9 micro-sized needles. As the pen moves across your skin, the needles will perforate the top layers of your skin, stimulating its natural repair mechanism. Collagen — a natural protein in your skin — is produced, which plumps your skin and tightens the treated area.

Other than a slight tingling sensation, most patients feel nothing at all while receiving Rejuvapen. You may notice some minor redness or slight swelling in the treated area after the procedure, but it usually goes away within a short amount of time.

Rejuvapen can be an excellent treatment for:

  • Acne Scarring – Rejuvapen can significantly reduce dimpling and “craters” caused from acne scars.
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles – Wrinkles and fine lines will appear less defined after a Rejuvapen procedure.
  • Loose, Lax Skin – Your skin will look and feel lighter and lifted after a Rejuvapen procedure.
  • Skin Texture and Pore Size – Your skin will appear and feel smoother, and your pore size will be reduced.
  • Stretch Marks – Your skin will feel smoother and redness and discoloration will be reduced.

Rejuvapen is safe for all skin types. However, if you are prone to keloids, or if you have an active skin infection, you shouldn’t consider Rejuvapen. Additionally, individuals with uncontrolled diabetes should also avoid Rejuvapen.

For more information about Rejuvapen, or to schedule your own personalized consultation, give us a call at 706-651-8400.